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5 rules when traveling to Vegas

#1 get a room at a PROPER hotel

#2 get a good group of people to go with you (or maybe just your romantic someone)

#3 see a show (or two depending how long you are there) I would say one show for every 2 to 3 days in Vegas.

#4 do some other non-gambling activities like see the fountain show or experience Fremont Street or go to the Hoover Damn. Anything to keep you out of the casino for a few hours is a good thing.

#5 perks and by that I mean any freebee thing you can get like boys, drinks, sex, rooms, drugs, key chains, boys, tips, drinks, etc...

So I had a good time because I followed rule #2 and went with some good people but we apparently stayed at Hotel Scabies (which by the way is turning into Hooters Hotel & Casino in 2006) I would advise never to stay there unless they tear down the piece of crap that is standing there now and rebuild. We broke rule #1 but we didn't get scabies so I guess that is ok. We did see a show but by the 4th day I was sad we didn't get to see Barry Manilow or Wayne Newton. And incase you were wondering Trainwrek, The Supersuckers and The Reverend Horton Heat rocked my face off. I tried to stick to rule #4 but there were way too many casinos to visit and I had to drop money in all of them .... Sad thing is I loved Keno (now I know I am an old fart). OH and the perks I got were not the perks I wanted .... We were there during this construction workers convention but it was also the NCAA weekend and there was a boxing match at MGM on Saturday so the city was packed to the gills with people that had their own agendas and annoying drunken frat boys that had 1 and yard drinks strapped to their backs.

I came home broke and with a black lung.

As for my predictions I think the following were the only things that DIDN't happen:
finish knitting a baby hat, get a manicure, learn how to play craps (no excuse for this one really), win big, go to LA, only had one "American flag" because they are actually gross, only rode Speed once because I went late in the day and didn't realize I could have gotten an all day pass, go swimming (the pool at hotel scabies was small and usually dirty), win big, no gondola's ride at the Venetian because I was too scared to fall into the 2 feet of water, only 2 Elvis sightings and Win BIG because apparently this weekend I was "the cooler"!

Oh and Tisha and Tricia picked on me the whole time because well I was on vacation and was brain dead so I said a lot of stupid things ... I asked them to write a post about their experience so I will post that next.

Everyone else be nice to me I lost a lot of money!

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