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Music Non-Stop


Which only means one thing I saw Kraftwrek last night and damn those four old German guys could still put on a damn good show. I must have saw them 5 or 6 years ago and back then they had an opening band (could have been Chemical Brothers but I can't remember). Last night they had no opening band and they came on promptly at 8pm. I know you maybe thinking how can four OLD German guys (I keep saying OLD because they put out their first record in 1971 that is the year I was born and I'm old) still put on a kick ass show? Yes just like their videos it's just the four of them standing there in front of their respective computers barely moving a muscle but mix that with some awesome visual effects 3 "costume" changes and some dance you ass music and you have one great show.

Now I sort of laugh at their "costume" changes as one was just changing their ties to ones with a red light moving on it and the last was a full neon light suit. The highlight of the show was when the live action German counterparts were replaced with their robot selves for the song ROBOTS.

"We're charging our battery
And now we're full of energy
We are the robots
We are the robots
We are the robots
We are the robots

We're functioning automatic
And we are dancing mechanic
We are the robots
We are the robots
We are the robots
We are the robots

Ja tvoi sluga, (I'm your slave)
ja tvoi Rabotnik (I'm your worker.)

we are programmed just to do
anything you want us to
we are the robots
we are the robots
we are the robots
we are the robots

My only complaint is that the people near where I was standing were not dancing at all ... I mean I know not everyone has rhythm but damn that music will make you want to shake your money maker and everyone should even if it is to only sway back & forth.

Kraftwerk played a solid two hours and I enjoyed every minute. After the show my friend had got tickets to see Martin Gore (yes Martin from Depeche Mode fame) DJ at Hiro. Now I don't know if any of you trendy people have been to Hiro before (I never have since I don't frequent the trendy swanky places as I prefer dirty old man bars) but the crowd there totally was weird. It's an Asian themed place with Asian beers and sake so you had an Asian crowd there and since Martin Gore was going to be there you had all the DM freaks oh and let's not forget the beautiful people that are always at these trendy swanky spots. So that left a few hipsters who looked like they might be there for Martin or the beautiful people, I think there was a crowd that might have been staying at the Maritime Hotel above the club so they may have been comped in oh and then there were the few European and South Americans. The people that freaked me out were the two dressed in these white hoodies and wore the hoodies on so they looked like that scene in Willy Wonka when Mike TV gets zapped into TV land and this other group of what looked like geeky boys not that geeks boys at a hip club is wrong or anything they just looked out of place. Martin was good even though for the first 1/2 hour it sounded like one long song. I didn't stay too long after that because the beautiful hipster people were annoying the hell out of me.

I would give the night an 8 out or 10 rating. .... I am off to San Francisco tomorrow for a wedding this weekend (not mine) don't miss me too much.

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