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gone for 4 days and look what happens

Cities: New York and San Francisco

Events: Jen & Eddie's wedding at The Asian Art Museum and the birth of Lulu Clementine (25 days early).

Restaurants/Bars: Dok Suni, La Barca, Bistro Yoffi, Puerto Alegre, Trax The Pork Store and All You Knead. (drove by Zeitgeist a few times but didn't stop in)

Drinks: orange saketinis, beers, lemon drop martinis, lost of champagne and wine (Fetzer's Cabernet Sauvignon which is awesome),

Advice: never go drinking the night before a flight especially if you haven't packed. I ended up taking cloths for a week and I was only away for 3 days.

Things I missed in NYC when I was away: WCBS fm getting taken off the air and my friends hanging out with Ice Cube. Yeah really they were I just wish they had a camera phone so I could believe them.

Things I miss about SF now that I am back: the awesome weather, Zeitgeist (even though I didn't go this time), meeting Lulu in person (and not in her mama's belly although I swear she came out because she heard my voice and wanted to meet me) and my friends who I haven't seen in a long time.

Things I don't miss about SF now that I am back: the hills damn those things were rough on my knees. And riding down a really steep one in a cab is no fun either I thought my gut was gonna fall out my bottom.

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