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death to the NWP

It is with a heavy heart that I get to report that my beloved, aka third betrothed, aka the most wonderful bartender in the world has been fired from the Nancy Whiskey Pub. I found out tonight of all nights. The night I decided that it was OK to drink again and that I would go back to Dok Suni (after embarrassing myself a few weeks ago) and have a few saketinis and afterwards go visit Barry and tell him I was sorry for showing up drunk and I would never disrespect him like that ever again.

It was around 8:45 when Tisha called and she was finishing up with a co-worker party but was not ready to go home. I being the good Dok Suni customer didn't drink like it was 18 and was OK to go out for a few more (especially to see Barry who I have neglected for a few weeks now).

OK - most of you know because you have been there with me or have met Barry in person but he is unquestionably the BEST bartender there is and that is very hard to come by. Once I enter NWP and Barry is working I am greeted with a very warm hello, a hug and a general feeling of you rock here is your favorite beverage "because you look like you can use it" attitude. I am often told it is "my house" and I should feel like I am home. And I do. Barry is great that way. He knows when I have had too much he doesn't laugh at me when I drink the St. Pauley (non-alcoholic beers) he doesn't judge me when I go out to measure the distance of the postal trucks - and he always comes to the rescue when I end up talking to one of those annoying bridge and tunnel kids who are being wild in the big city. He is good to my friends and he now has a collection of shot glasses from around the country, courtesy of the gang who bring him such trinkets as a sort of offering. Barry fucking rocks and it is sad to know that he is not working at NWP. There is no reason to go back now.

At 8:57 pm Tricia got a call from Tisha saying that Frank (who is the crazy old guy who bartends on occasion) was working behind the bar and Barry was no where to be found. I thought Barry might have been on vacation (he's allowed) so we met at Tribeca Tavern (it's the NWP backup bar) for a drink. By 9:12 we were at T.T. where Sal told us that Alyssa came in the other day and told him that Barry was fired from NWP. We were all in shock. I think it took a few minutes before the information sunk in and we were all asking Sal - WHY???? Word on the street is that apparently Barry kicked out a guy who had been going to NWP for 15 years and that was the last straw. We are not a 100% sure why since we seen him toss a bunch of losers Tisha and myself stopped by NWP on the way home (actually went to the back door to avoid Frank) and asked the waitress and one of the cop regulars "Nick" what was going on. It just happened last weekend so they had no information but Billy (the owner) was taking Barry shift on Friday and Saturday and they were both gonna try and get Barry back.

So if you stop by NWP on Friday or Saturday and Billy is working (he is a tall guy with salt & pepper hair clean shaven looks like he might live on the island) be nice to him and don't say that Barry gives you free drinks all night. We are trying to get Barry back ... basically I don't want to have to deal with Frank EVER and if Barry goes to another bar I want to know where it is. Good bartenders are so hard to find and Barry is one of the BEST. I think I am gonna cry myself to sleep tonight. Barry if you are out there call me!

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