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Who's your D.I.L.F.?

No not Dad's I like to fuck Dogs. Yes DOGS! Sick I know but a funny story came from this. We are listening to the Howard Stern show right now and they had a report that some blind guy fucked his seeing eye dog and no one was sure how to prosecute him. As you know I work in a room full of 16-year-old men. One of them chimed in something like "damn it's not even an afghan dog." As it turns out he and his buddies had a discussion of what kind of dog they would fuck. Now granted this is IF and only IF they had a gun to their heads and for the sake of saving their own life and the lives of their family they would fuck a dog. I do not work with a dog fucker as far as I know, but I thought this was funny .... Here is a photo of the dog he would "love" that is of course IF he had a gun to his head and was made to.

(He says she kind of looks like Farrah Fawcett, what do you think?)

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