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tonight tonight

The motto for tonight is "rock out with your cock out!" in honor for yesterday's post where my job is now nothing but a cock fight. Today my boss claimed he had the biggest cock. Client 2, my company 0.

Not sure but the motto (despite the fact I have no actual cock) really worked for me tonight as I let it all go. Fuck work. Fuck bullshit. Fuck the rest of the week.

Drinks consumed tonight (for Stu):
Tuesday August 30th, 2005
Orange Saketinis - $7*#####
Pomegranate Martinis - $10*#
TOTAL DRINKS: 8 drinks, $17, BAC .077

Not bad considering I only paid for 2 drinks ... I think that ROCKS!

I wanted to mention something about how the kids in Tricia's New Jersey neighbor hood is taunting her by yelling "she-male". Tricia is really not sure if this is directed towards her but she thinks it might be even thought the kids are across the street when yelling this. I told her it was a new word they learned and really don't know what it meant ... another 10 year old told her she had cool shoes (she was wearing $3 flip flops) so Tricia is now known as the she-male with the stylish shoes.

I think there was something else I wanted to tell you but I am too drunk to know what that might be ... is it the weekend yet?

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