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manThong! - now bitchfest

NOTE: this has been edited on Monday August 29th at 11:06pm because the damn links didn't work.

OK I had posted this with two very funny photos and it went something like this:

"Can you guess - who in this photo is wearing a thong?

*insert photo cropped halfway of people sitting at a bar and me in front with a big smile*

I can tell you it's not me.

* insert close up shot of the guy sitting on the end of the bar waist down showing off his manThong*

it's manThong!

actually it's something to be seen I must say and if I can figure out how to post it I will.

OK now for my bitchfest moment. (alert broken record here) I HATE MY JOB! Ok I know I say it all the time I am going to do something about it so I will try my damn hardest not to say that anymore until I make something happen and get my lazy ass a new job. But seriously though, I need to know - do any of you work in an office where it's like a constant cock fight? Every day it seems I have men (sorry but its true just men) walking around like they have the biggest cock and the other men picking fights saying "no man I have the biggest cock. Do you know how I know I have the biggest cock because I talk down to you like you have no brain or you can't understand what I am saying unless I talk really slow. And I will make you feel small and weak with my words because my job is so important." I just can't take it anymore especially when I have done all of their jobs and I can do it again 1,000 times better than they are (seriously at one point in my career I have done all of their jobs not at the same time, I am not superwoman). But what the fuck is up with people thinking that their job is so damn important. Unless you are finding the cure for cancer, world hunger, world peace, or a better tasting beer then you better just shut the fuck up because your job is NOT that important.

All of this has lead me back to thinking of working my old job in retail again AH the easy life. I hated it back then but I was only 17-21 when I worked at Tower Records. Right now, today I so would LOVE to work at Tower Records again. Well maybe not Tower or a big chain record store like that maybe a quite cool indie record store would be fun. I was really thinking about this because I was on the's HPD site and they have all these programs for helping first time home buyers like 10,000 towards a down payment. However your income has to be at a certain level and well I am over that so I get screwed even though I so want to buy an apartment. So if I went back into a retail job and cut my income way back - I just might have a chance at being a home owner while saving my sanity in the process.

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