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do you know?

Someone who is your buddy one day and your back stabber the next?

Someone who knows that Dona Karen pissed herself in the office?

That the Pixies/Gang of Four/ Death From Above 1979 and a few other bands will be playing ON my birthday in NYC? (tickets on sale Friday beotches)

That I hate my job so much to the point that I really want to quit.

Someone who makes plans with you in advance then cancels at the last minute without remorse.

Someone that drinks too much so that you feel you should leave before the puking begins.

That my favorite bartender is still not back at his old job.

Right now I am a little drunk and should be sleeping.

I am listening to Gang of Four!

Someone thinks you are great but you act like they don't exist.

Someone who rambles on about nothing at all.

(ok sorry for this post .... I know I am going to think of a lot more of these but I feel I need to post now since I am drunk and haven't posted in a long time ... updates/revisions to come!)

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