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no dessert for you!

I have a boring list of things that has happened to me in the past two weeks since it started out so good then went really shitty and is now ending a lot better than I expected. My birthday was last weekend and well I started the celebrations about a week early like I always do. I went to my favorite restaurant (Dok Suni) and was pleasantly surprised when at the end of my meal the wait staff brought out a bunch of desserts and sung happy birthday to me. This was special since that restaurant doesn't serve dessert so I know they got it special for me (I feel so love-ed). Went out the night before my day with a bunch of friends and it was fun since I hadn't seen a few of them in quite some time. I did get my hair cut on Friday and realized Saturday that I am not very happy with it as it is too short I hope it grows out fast as it probably will look better about an inch or two longer.

My actual birthday fell on Saturday and I had tickets to that across the narrows show out at Keyspan Park in Coney Island. The headlining band was the Pixies but I really was going to see Gang of Four and I would have liked to catch Death From Above 1979 but they went on at 3ish and I didn't get there till 4:30. Now why was I late you may ask, well I my friend Sean (who was also going to the show) had gotten a 2nd pair of tickets at work and I was frantic on Friday trying to get rid of the ones I bought. Well Sean had a guy he worked with that would have bought them for 1/3 of the price but I said NO since I was also on IM with my niece who's birthday was on the 5th and she wanted to go. I told her I would give them to her for her birthday and that she should call me later to tell me if she was picking the tickets up early at my place or I would meet her out at the park around 3. Now she goes to school upstate and I know it's a trek to go to Coney Island for a show but hey she's 20 and a college student and well when I was that age I was out partying every night and still dragged my ass to work or school the next day. I was out the night before and didn't get home till 3:45 I had no call from her so I just assumed she would call when she was on her way in the next day. I was up early and was getting ready to go to the show and still hadn't heard from her. I called her around 12:30 and she was still in bed and told me she was tired from work the night before and wasn't going to the show. I WAS PISSED! When the fuck was she going to tell me and why didn't she just say no thanks on Friday at least I would have had some money for the damn tickets. Now I was stuck scrambling to get rid of the tickets I called a bunch of people I was out with the night before and finally found a friend that wanted to go. I was pissed she had no fucking responsibility to tell me no in the first place. I mean I don't think I could have sold the tickets anyway because there was about 80 posts on Craig's list getting rid of tickets and the show itself was LAME and not sold out. So yeah I had a shitty birthday I missed Death From above 1979 Rilo Kiley (sp?) and Built to Spill were boring Gang of Four ROCKED! - and the Pixies were old and LAME, I left the show by 9:30 and was home by 10:30. Oh and on top of all that I had a really bad sinus cold just to make the day extra special.

It gets better though, I was suppose to be off from work that following Monday but was called in on Sunday night because my co-workers dad was in the hospital and my boss couldn't cover because he was going on a fishing trip. Oh and then I get 2 new jobs in house on a week we are supa busy AND I work with a bunch of lazy ass morons so the week just kept getting better. I wanted to go to a nice sports bar on the 5th to watch the first Hockey games however I was feeling like no bar cared or no one would play the games because of that other stupid sport baseball and their damn playoffs. When are people gonna see that baseball is BORING there is no hard contact in baseball. After a very frustration day at work I seriously needed a drink so I thought maybe if I went to a bar right around the Garden they would be playing Hockey instead of baseball. After walking from 34th & 5th to 28th & 8th and back to 33rd and 3rd going into about 8 or 9 places and passing about 10 others we found a bar that played all the hockey games we wanted to see Thanks again Liam you saved my night. But as the week at work just got shittier the nights got better. Dinner and many many martinis later I am now a happy girl on my day off. I am in 2 fantasy hockey leagues one with all if not most of my best picks and the other well, I got screwed because it's a 20 team league and I have shitty goaltenders. It is a head to head game and I am up against some 18 year old kid this week and he is kicking my ass. People keep offering me trades but they want my top 3 guys which I don't want to give up yet. At least I have the other team in a league of 8 that is gonna be a contender. And yes I am a geek.

Oh but back to the reason the post is called no dessert for you well I asked the ladies at Dok Suni where did they get me the desserts for my birthday because they were so yummy. Some place over on 12th street and 2nd ave called the Black Hound. It's a small bakery place I don't think they have seats. Anyway I tried to go there on Thursday for some yummy dessert and we walked up to the place and see these 4 guys in an altercation just outside but in front of shop next door. The one guy that was getting a beating looked drunk or on something and we were like oh well what should we get. We walk into the bakery and it was empty, after a few minutes a girl comes from the back and is crying and fanning herself saying she just moved to NYC and she had her first NY experience. We follow her outside where a bunch of cops just appeared and had restrained the guy. Apparently the guy was trying to rob the place and the young kid that worked there jumped over the counter to beat the shit out of him. The girl was at this point hyperventilating and all I can think was well can I get some dessert? Is that bad? Ok I know it is bad ... we ended up just walking away without dessert and heartbroken. I must go back soon that stuff was YUMMY!

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