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King of the DM Dipshits

I have a friend that is a super UBER Depeche Mode fan. I had once accompanied him to a DM night where we met a few people he met through the DM fan circuit. Anyway DM are currently starting a new tour and my friend just had to go tot he first show this is his story....


I decided I was going to hit up the opening night of Depeche Mode's World Tour supporting their amazing album, Playing the Angel, in Ft. Lauderdale because I didn't want to know what the typically-unchanging setlist would be before they hit NYC, and I can't avoid reading the spoilers.  I planned to meet up with a good college friend the following day in Tampa for the 2nd night of the tour.
Hurricane Wilma ruined the Ft. Lauderdale plans, as the show was cancelled.  So Tampa became the opening night of the tour.  I frequent DM message boards and had planned to meet some of the other lifeless folks who have devoted sick amounts of time to this band in Ft. Lauderdale.  Several of them were planning on heading over to Tampa, since they'd planned to fly in from Sweden, Mexico, Denmark and Peru for this show anyway.
Following the show, I'm hanging outside the St. Pete Times Forum juggling calls and meeting up with total strangers and foreigners.  I was standing there with about 15 of them coordinating plans for that evening.  Some kooky chick from Brazil is screaming "Who's goeeeng to Denverrrrr?  Who's goeeeng to Salt Lake Ceeeeteeee?!" My friends from college who were just there for the show are looking at me like, "Who are you and why do you know all these freaks and idiots?!" And I had a revelation that I might as well be Anthony Michael Hall in "Sixteen Candles", as he was explaining to Molly Ringwald that his friends were dorks, but he was their leader, which kind of made him the "King of the Dipshits". 
So Depeche Mode has turned me into the King of the Dipshits.  Thanks, DM!

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