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boys named Kelly

aka "KILFs" Kelly's I like to ......

Kelly Slater Pro-Surfer. I never saw him before Friday when photos for a feature that will appear in a magazine I work on crossed my desk. HELLO - TOPLESS AND VERY HOT!!!!

Kelly Hrudey Hockey goalie once played for the Islanders, Kings and Sharks. I just saw him last night commentating on the San Jose game and yeah he is very cute (very do-able) for a Kelly.

Kelly Clive Owens Actor. OK so technically his name is not Kelly but man is he HOT!!! I went to see Derailed last night just to see him too bad his sex scene got cut way too short for my liking. I am kind of happy he is not the new 007 because he plays a really good bad guy. Rawh!


I went to my first Hockey game in over 2 years yesterday afternoon. Great game it would have been better if the annoying people didn't show up with 2 min left in the 2nd period and proceed to come in and out of the row from my end when the other side was empty. Fucking tourist! Oh and then the beer nazi who was walking up and down the isle to tell the drunks they are sitting in the non-alcohol section priceless.

I also got some belated birthday prezzies from my friend Zori. They were all hockey related and I love them. Next game I am going to is December 13th Rangers vs. Vancouver lucky me it falls on the same night as my company's Christmas party ... I'll miss my boss' festive holiday bedazzled sweater I can only hope someone takes a picture!

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