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Betty Rocker!

Yesterday I let the domestic side of me shine on. (No, I didn't go find a husband to beat on.) I actually baked home made cookies FROM SCRATCH. I have been asking my friend for her M&M cookies and her Peanut Butter Blossom cookies for YEARS now. For the longest time I thought she was never going to give me the recipe (as if it were some family secret). About a month ago she actually handed me the recipe and I was trilled. Cookies are actually easy enough to make it's just a ton of sugar, some flour and an egg. I sent the last few weeks buying the ingredients in pieces and I still didn't find the decorative sugar for the Blossom cookies so Brown sugar had to do. I mean I had to buy everything even the cookie pans, as I had nothing in my house (I really should cook more but I don't). I made two batches of the M&M cookies and one of the PB cookies and they came out really well if I do say so myself. I am working today so I brought them into work for the boys so far no one has died so I think they are good!

Tonight I am going to see the Supersuckers (with the Reverend Horton Heat) for the 3rd time this year. Rock your ASS! The show is in Atlantic City and I hope I win some cash while I am down there so I can take a limo home tonight. Maybe I'll just pick up a sugar daddy with my delicious cookies.

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