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you look good for a 50 year old!

Me: so you think I look like a 50 year old?

My Sister: No, I said people would say "wow, she looks good for a 50 year old"

Me: so you are saying I look 50?

My Sister: No. I know how old you are. You asked me if I thought your grey hair made you look old.

Me: YEAH and you said I looked 50!

My Sister: No No No I said that people would see you from the back and think you were 50 but then would see your face and see how young you are they would be like "WOW she looks good for a 50 year old."

Me: you just said it again you said I look like a 50 year old!

My Sister: No, I don't think that ... but I do think that other people would think you were older because of your grey hair.

Me: whatever you just said 3 times that I looked 50 you suck!

I don't look 50 people! When I think of the older grey haired women they all seem to have that same hairstyle. Short hair, never below the shoulders - usually with some sort of perm or curl for body. My hair is long and layered and in no way looks like the Q-tip headed old ladies I see every day. I don't know maybe I don t want to be called 50 especially when I am only 34. I rather look like and old 34 year old than a young 50 year old. Am I wrong?

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