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I was told yesterday that it is actually good luck or lucky to work on New Years Day. If that is what you have to tell yourself to have a good year then yeah I am the fucking luckiest girl in the world right now. Not only did I get to work ON new years day I also got to work today when most companies had a day off. Jesus, even the post office was closed today. On the list of my 2006 resolutions: GET A NEW JOB.

Oh and here is this lucky girl's recap to the weekend: Friday night I had a delicious meal and drank about 5 Pomegranate Martinis (maybe more). I got home around 2am only to get up for 9am. I had to be ready to go upstate to my sisters by 10:30 for my family Christmas. My cousin who was suppose to pick me up called by 9:45 to say she wasn't going to make the trip up to my sisters because her two babies are not feeling well for the past few days and the oldest just puked up his breakfast. I was up dressed ready to go by 10:30, very hung over and just wishing I could crawl back into bed and forget my family entirely. All my sisters were upstate already and it was decided that Michelle would drive down to take me and my father up to Kathy's.

My sister Michelle picked me up around 2:50 in the afternoon. At that time it was only raining in NYC halfway up the Palisades it was a blizzard and even though my sister had a car with 4 x 4 many of the cars on the road didn't. We were driving like 10 miles an hour and for a ride that would normally take an hour it took over two. We made it to Michelle's house by 5:15 (the whole drive I wished I had stayed home). We didn't get to Kathy's house until 5:40 and by that time I was no longer hung over but I was definitely tired, cranky and starving! The kids were asking to open their presents and I was just looking for the turkey and stuffing. Dinner followed quickly by the present openings then dessert and coffee, we were back on the road by 8:52. I was home just before 10pm in time to watch the end of the Giants game and then I watched the Junior World Championship USA vs. Canada game. I was in bed by 1:30 to be up for work by 7.

So why am I lucky so far?

1 Most, if not all of the things I got from the family was items on my wish list (they finally learned!)

2 Even though I went to work for 9am on Sunday my client didn't get in until 4pm so I only had 2 hours of actual "work" the rest of the day was spent catching up on bills, organizing myself for the next two weeks (we will be shipping 7 magazines next week) and watching the end of season 4 of 24.

3 My boss realized it was crappy to make me come in today so he let me fill out a manual timesheet to say I worked a full day even though I really didn't.

4 I have an appointment for Friday with a former employer to network (starting the year off right).

5 I am almost finished knitting the "monster" (an Aran baby sweater) which I thought would be finished by now. Just picked up the buttons today so this monster will be finished the next two weeks!

Why am I unlucky?

My sister Patti got me a book with instructions on how to knit a dog sweater. She wants me to knit one for her dog Cupcake for next year. The sweater she wants from the book is a black sweater with the words "spoiled rotten" on the back. And YES my sister Patti is crazy.

Hope your year is as lucky as mine!

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