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1:15 drunk on a Tuesday night ...

I am listening to the Cure's "10:15 on a Saturday night" although it's only Tuesday well actually Wednesday and 1:15 no now 1:34 ... OK went to the Ranger/Calgary game tonight and it kicked ass. I wish I did my research before the game to know where the visiting team stays when they are here as I would very much love to hang out with that HOTTIE Iggy and KIPRUSOFF. Maybe even Dion ...

a few thoughts before bed:

I hate my job!!!

I hope to have a new one soon.

Out of the group of people near me tonight I thought the 20 year old was the most interesting.

The Rangers kicked ass.

I had too much to drink.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow ... or ever for that matter.

I am jealous my friend is going to Denver this weekend (not because she is going to see the Bronco playoff game) just because she will be in Denver and I will not.

I want to work for the NHL.

My fantasy hockey teams are doing OK (could be better).

I am crazy busy with work and obligations for the next month.

My next hockey game is Friday at the Meadowlands (Devils vs. Canucks).

I can't wait to give my two weeks notice ....

I have to go hang up my laundry now before I go to bed.

I have had too much to drink for the past two nights ...

Lindsey Lohan was hanging out at a bar around the corner from where I was last night and I didn't get to punch her.

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