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an open letter to NHL fans and The Continental Arena

Dear NHL fans,

OK has the year without hockey not humble you in any way? What the fuck is up with the booing of Todd Bertuzzi still? YES I know he did a terrible thing by hitting Steve Moore. But last I saw the footage from that day I do recall that the rest of the team then piled on Bertuzzi AND Moore. Do you not think that it might not have only been the hit that caused Moore's injury but the pile up afterwards? I mean at least Moore is still alive. Why don't you boo Heatley for killing his teammate then? Is it just because that incident didn't happen on the ice?

And what the fuck is up with you Vancouver people booing team USA in the junior world champions? Those kids are just teenagers for Christ sake. What has happened to you people? Is there that much anger up in Canada for the lost NHL season? Just enjoy the fucking game don't be sitting there booing people because you are conflicted. Yeah I am talking to you Devil fans your booing of Bertuzzi and endless "Rangers Sucks" chats make you out to the dumbest group of them all. Yeah I said it ... the night I went to see you guys you were playing Vancouver NOT the New York Rangers so what is up with the Rangers Sucks chat? Are you that fucking stupid? Why don't you grow a set and try that chant when you are at the Garden next time!

Get over it already.


Dear Continental Arena,

Your venue fucking sucks ass! Do you really think that terrorist want to bomb the Continental Arena? Seriously. MSG has twice as many seats and it seems fine allowing people to bring backpacks in. Why on earth do you think someone will want to bomb the Continental Arena? Oh wait the Devils play there right never mind my bad.

On a side note you really should build in some real bars in your arena that take credit cards so I can properly charge my drinks when I am entertaining clients. And maybe get some real fans that are not a bunch of face painted, devil horn wearing dorks. I really was laughing all night at the spastic children you continued to display on your jumbo-tron. My favorite was the one kid to my left in the devils shit and fanny pack dancing like Elaine in Seinfeld to "who let the dogs out" priceless.

I would also try and encourage you to sell more tickets as it seemed like many of your seats were empty. It really is sad when you host a Stanley Cup winning team and you can't even sell out seats.

Very sad indeed.

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