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working with "the machine"

So tomorrow is my boss' last day. The VP of the North East Division (who was his boss) has been in my office for the past two days observing the facility. I know she is there because she wants to see how our facility runs, note what improvements need to be made, watch how the staff interact with our clients and ultimately decide who (if any of us) will get the coveted facility managers job. I think just about everyone in my facility is applying for the job and at the same time I feel none of us will get it.

First of all the VP woman is like a fucking machine she is in at 9am and doesn't leave the room until 5pm. In the past two days I haven't seen her eat anything other than some spearmint wheels, a cup of coffee and a half of bottle of water. She hasn't even left the room to pee for Christ sake! The woman is a fucking robot and she scares the shit out of me.

Secondly, I don't think all the ass kissing in the world would make me the front runner for the job. I feel I will be overlooked just because I don't have "color experience" meanwhile that was one of the reasons I took the CSR job in the first place. I wanted to learn how to scan/convert images, color correct/silo process pages, alter workflows, brainstorm on ways to streamline and move forward. I only got as far as learning some advertising page processing, some file altering maneuvers and a few tricks to tinker around some of the computers in the office. I barely touched the latest InDesign/Quark, Photoshop or Illustrator programs because my current job duties left no time for learning. I have dreams damn it! I am a problem solver, project leader and work enthusiast my talents are all going to waste pushing paper all day.

I know it's only been two days but I am already freaking over this. Tonight I am going to bed with images of "the machine" standing behind me scrutinizing everything I am doing (like she did my co-worker today). I just hope the nightmares are quick and short because I have at least another week and a half of this nonsense. I tell you right now if she invites a bunch of freaks into the office and start chanting "One of us, one of us. We accept her, we accept her" I am OUT OF THERE!

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