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I want to be a Shao Lin Master Killer!

I have not been in the best of moods lately. My job situation sucks ass because my company has not made a decision on the FM job. They interviewed people the first week and the second week a few of us in the department got a second interview (me included). This is the third week now and no word on what they are going to do. I haven't slept well and my stress levels are reaching a whole new high. Every day I question if I actually want the position because every day I see that it's all bullshit. The job, the co-workers, the clients, the boss(es) and everyone else is all just fucking pissing me off. To take my mind off of my troubles I have been watching loads of DEE VEE DEEs. I stopped by this shop that a friend told me about where I could find some of those Asian horror movies I have been digging lately. As I was looking through the titles (and realizing I am in the Kung Fu section) I find this movie that I must have seen when I was 14 on TV. It's really weird because I never knew the title of this movie I only remember a few scenes and the basic story line. I wasn't sure if this was the same movie I fell in love with but for ten bucks I was willing to take the chance.

Have you ever seen this movie? It goes by many titles like Shao Lin san shi liu fang, 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Disciples of Master Killer, Shaolin Master Killer, The Master Killer or The Thirty-sixth Chamber. It stared the fantastic Chia Hui Liu aka Gordon Liu. When I was younger I remember spending Sunday's watching old movies. Mostly Abbot and Costello followed by either a Godzilla film or a Kung Fu classic. Weird to think it has been nearly 20 years since I saw this film for the first time and I still remembered scenes from it and man Gordon Liu is HOT. I love the training sequence and watching it now makes me just want to become a MASTER KILLER. It would totally help in my office situation. Wouldn't it be fun to just kick ass all day long. Take today for instance wouldn't you just love to be down there on 5th Avenue fighting all the Irish drunks out of town? I doubt we would need much training, I mean kicking a drunk while their already down would seem quite easy. Right?

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