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a song in the charts recently about racial harmony.....

..... About black and white people living together side by side in perfect racial harmony together on pianos! It might be a bit stupid, like, you know what I mean, but I know pianos aren't gonna solve nothing, you know what I mean? There's one thing that unites us, one thing that we all have in common, what is it? What is that one thing?

"It's not class or ideology,
Color, creed, or roots
The only thing that unites us
Is Dr. Marten's boots

Dr. Marten's boots of the world
So that everybody can be free
They're classless, matchless, ageless and waterproof
And retail for only 19 pounds and 99p

What should everyone be wearing?
Those boots with the air-flow soles
And your boots will have a meeting
And your boots will take control

Thanks to Dr. Marten everyone will have warm feet
Thanks to Dr. Marten they'll be dancing in the street
No. Don't You Want Me.
OK, Boots. Do your stuff!

Dr. Marten's, Dr. Marten's, Dr. Marten's boots
Dr. Marten's, Dr. Marten's, Dr. Marten's boots
Dr. Marten's, Dr. Marten's, Dr. Marten's boots!"

-Alexei Sayle (excerpt from The Young Ones "Oil")

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend ..... I just wanted to let you know that I am wearing a pair of Dr. Marten's shoes, which I have purchased this past Friday. It is the first time I have worn Dr. Marten's in about 10 years (or so). I am at work right now and it is taking a lot of restrain from not jumping up and singing this song because I LOVE MY DR. MARTEN'S! (Even thought they make my feet look like old grandfather feet I STILL LOVE THEM!)

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