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A Message from GM John Ferguson

So I get this letter the other day from the Leaf's GM. Not like he sent this out to everyone on the Leaf's insider list (I am sure this one was sent to just me). I mean really he addressed me by name it must be a personal letter.


Dear Kelly,

Today we announced that Pat Quinn has been relieved of his duties as head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

This was a difficult to decision to make, but one that is in the best interests of our club going forward. I reached this decision after evaluating this past season in its entirety, and considering what we must do to return our team to the level of competitiveness that we all desire.

This decision is at least as much about the future as it is about the past. I looked at the long-term picture, beyond just next year. For us, the future starts today, and it's important that we begin with a coach who can be with us for years to come as we build this club into a championship contender. It's time for a new perspective, a new approach that will ultimately yield the results we all expect-a team that competes for the Stanley Cup on a consistent basis.

Given the success that our club had in eight years under the guidance of Pat Quinn, this was not easy action to take. I know our entire organization and our legion of fans join me in thanking Pat for representing us in a first class manner through the years.

Our failure to qualify for the playoffs is not solely attributable to our coaching staff. However we must take all necessary steps that will move us forward. We are examining all aspects of our operation and will make the changes required to put a club together that will be more competitive in the short-term, and that will achieve our goal of competing for a Stanley Cup on a consistent basis, and winning the Cup, in the years ahead.

We will begin immediately the process of filling our coaching vacancy. This is one of the premier coaching jobs anywhere in the hockey world. I'm confident that we'll hire the right person to lead us to our ultimate goal of winning a Stanley Cup.

There are many reasons for optimism going forward. This season we had two players in the top 10 in NHL rookie scoring, eight players who made their NHL debut, 12 rookies that played and we finished with a team record 26 home victories.

Since we're in the unfortunate position of not being in the playoffs, this is an ideal time to accelerate the building process that we began this season. Today's announcement is key to that process.

I will be in touch with you in the coming weeks as we make other changes.

Thank you for your continued support of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

John Ferguson
General Manager
Toronto Maple Leafs


Pat Quinn I am sorry to see you go but your gum chewing days had to come to an end sometime. BUT DID YOU HEAR THAT!!! "I will be in touch with you in the coming weeks." John so wants me for the job I know it! And hell I would be a damn good Hockey coach. I definitely need to get out of NYC, as right now I might have to punch a few Devil assholes for their unfortunate blessed team who are now kicking the Rangers ass. The playoffs have started I AM IN HEAVEN! (Well really HELL since the Rangers are tanking AGAIN!) I think I am going to have to pick a different cup winner if they continue to play like a bunch of girls.

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