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Everything must GO!

My gravy train has come to a stop and it's time this freeloader got off. Yes folks I am that sad individual that has been mooching off the folks my whole life. I had a sweet deal, what can I say - it's as if I had been living on top of the garage in the not attached (attached) studio apartment for FREE. My folks have been the superintendents for this building for 41 years now so this is the only home that I know. Most of the ground floor of this 49 unit building has been free reign for us and well we have collected a lot of crap. My parents have been given warning that their job is no more and we need to vacate the ground floor by the end of July.

My father is old and has been collecting SS for some time now. My mother still has two years of work in her and doesn't want to give up her 2nd job as the lunch lady at the public school nearby. I, being the only single daughter, am now guilted into taking care of my parents. I have 3 older sisters who all are married homeowners 2 whom also have children. I guess it's only right that I help them out since I have been mooching off of them forever but it saddens me because I finally just saved enough to move out and BUY a place of my own. I was hoping to buy a 1 bedroom apartment within the blocks of an MTA train stop. I have been sick over the whole thing because I know my mother is freaking out and doesn't know what to do. She, just last week, applied to one of those low income housing buildings because she says she doesn't want to leave the city. One of my sisters has a 2nd home on her property that the folks can move into and stay but it's far from the city or even a local store so I know they don't want to go up there.

My mother wants to find a 2 bedroom apartment in this neighborhood and rent for the 2 years until her job is finished. I don't know if I can last two years with them (I know selfish right) but you don't understand the living situation right now I have my own apartment (without a bathroom) I can retreat to. If I actually have to live in the same apartment I might have to kill my dad because he does NOTING all day but sit on the couch and watch TV. I am hoping that I can talk to my sisters and hopefully get us all to pitch in and help them pay for an apartment of their own so I don't have to go in the poor house, the nut house or jail.

Oh and I don't want this to sound as a "oh poor me" I know I am fucking stupid for not getting my ass out a long time ago. So very fucking stupid. ANYWAY, like I said we have collected a lot of crap and I need to get rid of it so if anybody wants any of this let me know.

55 gallon corner fish tank this tank has a light wood cabinet it sits on and has a blue background. It stands about 5 feet tall and comes with a pump. I got this from a friend who use to have piranhas. He moved to LA and I got the tank.

Collection of cassette tapes - I use to work at Tower Records and collected tapes before I got into CD's anyway it's mostly crap I am going to try and give to a store or something but if you are looking for that oldie but goodie I might have it.

Collection of VHS tapes - what can I say I am behind the times. I have a ton of movies I just don't want to tote around so again let me know if you need something from the 80's

Collection of Vinyl - OK I am not crazy but I do have a ton of vinyl some I got from a friend that moved years ago to Seattle and she didn't want to take it. I don't have a turn table so I am not taking ALL of them. I have to check her's though because I kept it in a crate in the back of a closet that is never used so god knows it could have a lot of damage or be all warped by now. I know she had a lot of Beatles vinyl and crazy 70's stuff. I hope it's still in tact.

AB roller - yeah it's NEVER been used!!! Oh wait I think we already tossed this one.

random chairs - mismatched, broken, God ugly chairs.

Chinese flower pot - fairly large black, red and gold detail. Not sure where this one came from possibly the garbage.

Color printer - HP DeskJet 932C needs ink though.

Computer table/cabinet - I got this from a friend of a friend I have been using it but it's crap. It is black with a few nicks I have colored in with a marker. It has 3 draws on the right a cubby hole for a monitor with a shelf on top and a cabinet to the right for the printer and some books.

Books! - I am sure it's nothing that Stu would want but I have a bunch of books I shouldn't tote around.

I can get a list together once I go through the crap ... but its 40 years of crap in this place so it may take a while. I also have my Nightmare Before Christmas collection but I'm going to try and sell that stuff. I am sure I am forgetting stuff but when I actually get into the crap I'll let you know what is here for the taking. Most of it is CRAP!

So anyone know of a great one bedroom apartment I can move into in the next 2 months?

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