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Jokes on me but I'm not laughing!

The past 5 months have been nothing but a rollercoaster of emotion. Up and down I go and up and back again. End of April my parents were getting fired from their jobs they held for the past 41 years (they are superintendents of a building). I was sad not because it was the final push to motivate me out of the parental home, I was sad because it was my childhood home and the only place I knew. It seemed like I wasn't going to have that option of going home to visit the folks and sleep in my old bedroom like they do on so many TV movies. Yes it was about time I got my ass out of my parents home but please don't judge me because if you lived in Manhattan you would know that it ain't easy finding the right space for the right money. I had it easy and I know it.

I was quick to find a new home and some sanity. Home searching was interrupted with a trip to Ireland for a wedding and Guinness. When I got back from Ireland it was mid June I had to hustle and get a place to live and get my life sorted all before the end of July, which was my parents date to leave. I found a lovely one-bedroom apartment up in DA BRONX. It has a terrace that has views of top of the GWB, a walk through kitchen and a living room / dinning area. The neighborhood is a hell of a lot quieter than where I grew up. It is perfect for me and I am happy to report that I not only got it, but I got it for over $20,000 less than the listed price. My closing was last Monday and it went pretty smoothly. I have the keys to my own pad and I am setting up to move in this week. There is still so much I need to do - mostly buy furniture since all I have is a bed and a TV.

All the while I was waiting for paperwork to be processed and getting approvals for my place, my parents needed to get their place sorted. They ended up taking and apartment the landlord had in a building just two blocks away. The rents were not so happy about moving (maybe it's because they are old and set in their ways). The transition was not going as smoothly for them. We have all been packing and purging for the past two months in anticipation of the move. They got an extension and were told just two weeks ago that they had to vacate the premises by September 30th. I was good since I had all my paperwork and approvals I just needed to get my close date and I could be out by the 30th.

Just three days after my close my mother got the word from the landlord that they were not going to be fired after all. The people he wanted to hire for the superintendent position apparently screwed him over and he had no one to take the job. After all the shit my parents have been through in the past 5 months they are acting as if nothing happened. They can now stay for the at least two more years which by then will let my mother retire with her pension. The thing is now it's a big joke on me, "isn't it terrible what your parents did to get you out of the house." Started with my brother-in-law how funny it was my parents went through this elaborate plan to get me to move out of the house. It is so fucking funny my aunt in Ireland is calling me with her condolences. Yeah fucking jokes on me do you see me fucking laughing! I am HAPPY happier than I have been in the past 6 years. So what I still hate my job - I have a home a home I can call my own and no one is going to fucking ruin my good time.

If your lucky enough and don't mind the trip up to DA BRONX maybe I'll have you all over for some wine and cheese. Once I have furniture of course.

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