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The view from up here ....

That's it folks that is the first sunset I got to enjoy on my balcony of my new home. I moved in on Thursday but didn't get to sit and watch the sun go down until Friday night. The move went so fast. I used these guys and they were AWESOME. My pickup was at 8am and I was moved into the new place by 9:30am. Well I only moved 50 blocks away and I really only had enough to fit a small studio apartment. Now I am living large here in my one bedroom, 769 square feet (with balcony) apartment on the 5th floor. It is so awesome and totally different than living in the basement with the mold and lack of direct sunlight.

I'd invite you all over but I only have 4 very uncomfortable chairs at the moment and the place needs a really good scrub down. I spent most of my day yesterday scrubbing all the grease off the cooker and range hood. Bar Keepers Friend is my best friend too! I need to paint the place, get some rugs and window treatments. I got my cable, internet and phone hooked up and hopefully I will have a sofa or at least a lazy boy to sit and watch TV in. I will host a wine and cheese party maybe in the spring of 2007. Got to go down to the laundry room and pick up my cloths from the dryer.

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