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· water
· Lindor Dark Raspberry Truffles
· frightened rabbit
· Life After Death by Damien Echols
· bad sitcoms with laugh tracks

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Cootie Girl likes to .... Michele likes to TOO

Your search - "Cootie Girl likes to" - did not match any documents. So I tried my real name....

Kelly likes to wear green unitards. just kidding – it's a flight suit.

Kelly likes to read, play basketball, go backpacking, be in Girl Scouts, shop, and swim.

Kelly likes to be very response to the Imagekind blog.

Kelly likes to belt them out. With an upper-midrange timbre, Kelly likes to stretch phrases, alter times, sing on the off beat, or ahead of said beat.

Kelly likes to ride too, but isn't quite as passionate about it as his wife. (*WHOA I'm a dude!*)

Kelly likes to open the book of Proverbs and share its practical advice with other ... Another area where Kelly likes to minister is with her neighbors.

Kelly likes to be where the rubber meets the road, and that applies to E-learning as well.

Kelly likes to blend bluegrass licks into swing tunes, and vice versa ...

Kelly likes to carry a lot of crap, please don't get me started on how often she loses her "chapstick" or "hair thingy"

Kelly likes to peek in the doorway–it's a doorway she is working hard to enter.

Pretty Funny Adina - Thanks!

My friend Slam had a go at it too.

When she has any spare time, Michele likes to go to cultural festivals

Michele likes to stay active in her time away from work. "I box and I kick-box," she says, "and I roller blade. I like pretty much all sports. ...

With a taste for the eclectic and a passion for the unconventional, Michele likes to stir things up and put her own creative twist on her DIY Network show

"Michele likes to share all of the facets of a situation. Thereafter, we will build an action plan based on the collective knowledge of the team. ...

In her free time Michele likes to be a couch potato with her family. Fun Fact: Michele knows karate! And she's a great wrestler - just ask Coach Velma!

Michele likes to say that she knows a good apple when she sees one and had to look no further.

To speed assembly of the dressing, Michele likes to use a garlic press to mince the garlic cloves quickly.

Michele likes to sift through common everyday experience, in search of nuggets of truth that will inspire her readers and listeners. ...

Michele likes to communicate with people who are interested in happiness and spiritual success.

We climbed Cathedral which is rated as a 5 star classic or as Michele likes to refer to them the top 50 crowded classics.

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