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couch potato

OK I have been living like a squatter in my new place for 8 months now. I have bought no real furniture except for the desk at Ikea for my computer. Well I had ordered this couch back in January and because I picked a color different from what is mass produced I had to wait 3 month to get it. Without further ado I present you all with my first real furniture purchase. My couch Delco:

Yes I have named my couch and I tell you why. I kind of got use to my room being so bare and this big hunky things lands in the middle of it I felt I had to give it a name. People name their cars right? Well I don't drive so let me enjoy my new leather couch. If you can't tell from the photo he is a nice chocolate brown color and HE RECLINES (on both sides)!

Oh he is just so comfy .... Now I have to buy some other furniture to keep him company. Next up a Bookcase (or two), a TV unit to match, a coffee table, 2 side chairs, two large mirrors, a few shelves, a file cabinet, a sideboard and a dinning room table with chairs. Not too much right?

but for now I'll just enjoy falling asleep on Delco .... Oh he's so sweet!

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