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spa day

8:00 am alarm goes off hit snooze
8:07 am alarm goes off again turn on radio
8:20 am pluck scary facial hair (the kind a lady should not have)
8:23 am shower
8:42 am get dressed
8:56 am have a cold glass of water with my vitamins
8:57 am stare out window and check weather
9:01 am make breakfast and watch some TV
9:37 am dry hair
9:48 am brush teeth
9:53 am quick pee before I leave
10:00 am walk to the train
10:12 10:59 am time on the subway traveling downtown spent reading Murder on St. Mark's Place
11:06 am hop on cross-town bus to get to the east side
11:21 am hop off and walk 3 blocks north to nail salon
11:30 am get a pedicure and manicure
12:24 pm walk west back to subway
12:35 pm take train north a few stops to SPA
1:02 pm get a coffee and walk 3 blocks to SPA
1:20 pm arrive at spa and wait for my room.
1:30 pm get a body polish
2:45 pm get a Radiance facial
4:00 pm have a 15 min break
4:15 pm get a haircut
5:13 pm feel like a new woman!
5:47 pm grab a bite to eat
6:30 pm meet a friend and go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in IMAX*
9:33 pm grab a drink with friends
11:30 pm head home and dread having to go to work on Tuesday!

Edited because Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in IMAX turned out to be in IMAX 3D!! yeah motherfucker! The last bit the fight scene at the ministry was all in 3D and very cool looking.

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