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Hockey DT's already?

It has only been a week since the last NHL game of the season was played and I am already showing signs of the summer hockey DT's. Last night I had a dream that Pronger, Scott Niedermayer and a third Hockey guy who I don't know his name all were staying at my parent's apartment. There were a bunch of reporters at the windows in the back of the apartment (they live on the ground floor). I was busy putting the shades down in the living room so the boys could escape out the front unnoticed.

The odd thing they were wearing different jerseys so no one would recognize them. Pronger had a Red Wings jersey, Scott an Avs jersey and the third guy had a Blackhawk's jersey. I nearly missed them trying to sneak out unnoticed. I went running out of the apartment after them still in my own pajamas. No one outside knew who they were ... suddenly my alarm went off and I woke up.

I knew I would miss Hockey for the summer I joined Netflix in preparation but I didn't think it would start so soon. I blame it all on Paul Newman and that movie Slap Shot. It was on TV last night and of course I had to watch you know "old time hockey".

BTW I am so very happy the Ducks won it this year (I mean of course since my Rangers didn't). I am already planning my Hockey trip for next year ... I am thinking Vancouver with a cruise to Alaska on the side.

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