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blank Party

Growing up I use to LOVE that game show Match Game. I was very sad to see that recently Charles Nelson Reilly had passed. OK I am really not sure why I am bringing that up oh wait yeah I remember now. If you ever watched Match Game you would know it's about filling in the blanks and hoping you say the same thing that the celebrities wrote down. Well per my headline and in the voice of Gene Rayburn this post is blank Party.

The single gal living alone in the big city sounds pretty dull well I'm here to tell you it is not as sad as it may sound. Every time I am alone in my apartment I have been having a party. Here are just some of the parties I have enjoyed alone over the past few months:

Naked Party
Pamper My Feet Party
Cleaning Party
Fart Party
Waiting for Couch Party
Wine Party (just me and a bottle of wine YUM)
Movie Party
Perishable Party
Spy on the Neighbors Party
Masturbation Party
Watching Fireworks Party
Clean Sheet Night Party
Rainy Day Party
Surprise the relatives just showed up Party (not a fun party at all)
Ice Cream Party
Book Party
Magazine Party
IM Party
Laundry Party
New Rug Party
"Talk to Bob" Party
What's that Smell Party
Toast Party
Where the fuck did those noisy birds outside come from Party
Knit Party
Clean Towel Day Party
Waiting for Sunset Party

Everyday is a party here at casa de Cootie Girl. Maybe after I have a "Hey I got proper furniture to have guest Party" I might invite someone over to share (some of) them with me. It is sad I don't have the place completely furnished by now, I just can't seem to find stuff I like. I also have to stop watching all these home improvement shows because everyday I want to do something different to the place. This is not helping me in my decision making process. One item I must own is a tiffany wisteria chandelier for the dinning room. A girl can dream!

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