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I want my hockey!

Even though last weekend the Ducks and the Kings played two games over in London to kick off the NHL season it didn't feel to me like it actually started. Only one game was televised in my area and I was pretty hung-over when it was on. Today the NHL season actually starts and I don't have the NHL Center Ice Package!!!! WTF cablevision is still in negotiations for it. DAMN YOU CABLE PEOPLE! First you take away my music channel on my friggin birthday and now I can't have Hockey? And yes for those cablevision customers if you were not aware The Tube network is no longer on the air the only music channel that actually played videos, is no more.

I better get a call later today from my cable provider telling me they are giving me my Hockey package. I am glad I waited on getting that 46" TV. Hopefully I won't have to switch to Direct TV or anything like that.

Oh and I had my Fantasy Hockey draft last week. I was #13 out of 14 and I think I got a pretty decent team. Check it out:

Olli Jokinen (Fla - C)
Patrice Bergeron (Bos - C)
Nathan Horton (Fla C)
Evgeni Malkin (Pit - LW)
Rick Nash (Cls - LW)
Chris Kunitz (Anh - LW)
Brian Rolston (Min - RW)
Darcy Tucker (Tor - RW)
Daniel Cleary (Det - RW)
Dan Boyle (TB - D)
Sergei Zubov (Dal - D)
Robyn Regehr (Cgy - D)
Brendan Witt (NYI - D)
Stephane Robidas (Dal - D)
Matt Cullen (Car - C)
Travis Zajac (NJ - C)
Teemu Selanne (Anh - RW)
Kyle Wellwood (Tor C)
Henrik Lundqvist (NYR - G)
Ryan Miller (Buf - G)
Mike Smith (Dal - G)

And I know Teemu is not playing but I am hoping he will be back in December and propel my team to the top!

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