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Pittsburgh the land of steel

I am going to Pittsburgh this weekend to visit and old friend who moved there over a year ago. I am also going to see two Pittsburgh Penguin games when I am there (I am so friggin excited). I have never been there and the only attraction besides sports is the Andy Warhol museum. Do you know if I need to see anything else?

I am hoping this trip will brighten up my mood of late you see I have been woken up at 7am on random weekdays by this construction outside my window. Yesterday it sounded like they were just throwing wrenches on the ground over and over again. Last week it was a bulldozer type machine with wheels that squeaked so fucking loud I mean come on you work in construction I know you have WD-40.

In addition to my early wakeup calls I have been restless about work which is quite odd since I haven't been stressed out on this job once since I have been here. I kind of knew something was up with my boss and yesterday he gave his notice. FUCK I say because 1- he is the one that brought me over so I kind of feel now if my company downsizes it would be last in first out. And I am the last one in! 2 my job is kind of in a weird place because new stuff is coming in but we are losing other stuff so it is an odd flux right now I just am done with it. I really need a new job one I actually like. This one is OK but it's not what I really want to do and well ... enough I promised I wouldn't gripe about work and I won't

Moving on I am super happy about my fantasy hockey league cause I am #1 two weeks in a row! (probably won't last but I am loving it right now) I also was able to FINALLY get the hockey package on my cable AND they also have an NHL Network Channel HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT!!! I am now shopping around for an LCD HDTV somewhere in the 46" range. Yeah this place will be cooler than Awesome Town!

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