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Say NO to pleats!

Ok so there are a few things that really grind my gears ….

1) People who have no manners
2) liter bugs
3) bad parents (you know the kind that feed their kids potato chips and soda for breakfast and keep them out till all hours of the night)
4) annoying teens (or any misbehaving young people)

and now my latest annoyance is the sight of pleated pants!!!! Seriously you may think that this looks good in a catalog but when you get them and put them on the look totally changes.

Everyone who wears these pants looks like they are either

A) storing a ham in their pants
B) wearing adult diapers
C) trying to bring the hammer pants back
D) wearing adult diapers and storing a ham in their pants
E) all of the above

  For some reason the men who wear these type of pants are the worst offenders since they jam pack their front pockets with crap. So not only do you end up looking like you are wearing adult diapers you also look like you have huge growths on your thighs (and not a growth to be proud of mind you). Does this look sexy to you?

Seriously people pleated pants are the enemy – do not buy them! Do not wear them! Do not buy them for your friends or family to wear either! Save the world from this monstrosity. BAN THE PLEATS!

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