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The invasion is coming ....

Entomology is not my forte but I was quite perplexed with this tiny bug hanging out on my window. He has been there for about 4 days now, he’s not very big and I think by now he might be dead. I asked all my co-workers and drew him best I could. I even tried to get a photo see….

(this is an under shot since he is outside the window) He is so tiny and nearly transparent. He is out on the window on my terrace and I am just curious if this is a bug that may bite me if I were to go out there. I did many web searches for translucent bugs, bugs with tails, alien bugs you name it. My new favorite website is What’s That Bug?. It has plenty of photos and such to help one identify bugs. I think my little window visitor is a Mayfly. And by visiting the BugGuide these little guys are usually in swarms –thank god I have only seen 3 so far. If I saw a swarm I might think it was the invasion and I would turn into a pod person overnight.

Bugs also make me itchy … just talking about them I am itchy. I know I will have a bug dream tonight.

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