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boy toys
I don’t think I have ever been serious enough with another person that they could achieve the status of ex. The longest I dated a guy was like 2 or 3 months, the shortest would be one glorious night in a dirty bathroom at some dive bar. I’m not proud of this fact. I know I like the ones I cannot have. There is always a married man, a man living with his girlfriend or the ever-elusive gay man that steals my heart. If I did have to write about an ex I would have to tell you about this guy I met in the winter of 2002. I went to a comedy show with these two friends of mine. We were standing in line when this guy just a few people in front of us kept looking back at the three of us. My other two friends started fixing them selves up for this new prospect. I just wanted to see the show. During the show we got a few glances and my friends were convinced he was looking at one of them. To their surprise it was me he approached after the show to get my number. He wasn’t bad looking and I still don’t know why we never really clicked. It could be the fact that he lived in New Jersey. I am not a fan of that state. It could also be the fact that he never really asked me out on a proper date where he would hold the doors open or even pick me up at my apartment or take me home.

Now that I think back on it he was a really bad boyfriend. There is one thing I do miss about him. He had this certain “boon” that I have yet to find it’s equal in any other. Not even in a novelty toy have I found it’s equivalent. I miss my boon.

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