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God Bless My Underwear
I must have been about 6 at the time, I am really not sure as there is no photographic evidence of this incident however the memory is forever burned in my brain. I remember it was at some community center in my neighborhood, possibly the bingo hall from years ago. My sister and her friends were auditioning for the gong show. Two of them had boxes around their bodies with circles cut out in the front to represent a washing machine and a dryer. The three of them sang “God Bless My Underwear” which went something like this:

God bless my underwear,
my only pair.

Stand beside them,
and guide them,

Through the rips,
through the holes,
through the tears.

From the washer,
to the dryer,
to the clothesline in the air.

God bless my underwear,
my only pair.

They had this giant pair of off white tighty whites that looked worn and as they sang the song they put the pair in the washer then the dryer then they all held it high in the air at the end. I will never forget them they were HUGE underwear.

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