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New Year New Me

New attitude that is for sure! I hope you all had a wonderful fun fill 2009, I sure did. So much so that I hadn’t posted a thing since I was laid off and sent to Dallas to train my replacements for a week. Yeah that last post of me and Tony Romo was taken when I was sent to Dallas to train people to do my job so I can not have one anymore. UGH just the thought of that company makes me want to vomit.

2009 is so last year! I lost my job, found a new job, met some new people, reconnected with old friends, tried some new things and ended the year feeling really good about life in general. What? I know you wouldn’t think you would hear such things from this (use to be) negative Nelly. Yeah even the douche bag who thought I was in my 60’s this year didn’t bring me down (ok maybe he did just a little but I am over it now – well really he aged me 25 year. Fucker. Ok yeah, no I am over it).

Two years ago on January 1st I started a tradition to meet up with two of my friends to sit down and write out actual goals for the year. These are not resolutions, which get discarded by the 2nd week of January. They are actual goals (or to do list) that we set out for ourselves for the coming year. We haven’t a chance to meet for 2010’s list but we will soon. I think after the first year I did so-so with my list. Last year’s list was about a 60% improvement so this year I am expecting to exceed expectations. I have to say last year I had predicted that something was happening at my job and my to do list had fix resume and get it out there. Lucky for me I was only 3 months unemployed before I landed a job. I have been working here just over 6 months now and I have to say this is the best job I have had since working at Tower Records 20 years ago!

Unlike Tower I do not have a locker full of booze here but I am surrounded by music and good people who make the job way more bearable. I am actually having fun again at work and it doesn’t really bother me that I am still a customer service type paper pusher. So here I am in 2010 to proclaim that I am happy! There I said it!

Happy New Year everyone!

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