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The Gym vs. Wii Fit

So I am having a hard time deciding between a Gym Membership or a Wii Fit. I am not Rockefeller so I can’t do both. The gym membership I have had before and enjoyed 6 of the 12 months I went. Just like my Nintendo DSi, it too was enjoyed for 6 of the 12 months I have had it.

I was weighting my options (pun intended) and came up with a list of pros and cons for both.

Pros for the gym:
place to go
variety of classes
equipment I don’t have at home

Cons for the gym:
year contract
no locations in walking distance to my apt
lugging my gear
buying new gear to lug around
cost twice as much as Wii Fit

Now I can join a lesser-priced gym closer to my apartment but that would only be to use the elliptical machine. If I make the commitment to a gym it should be for the full gym experience – classes, equipment and a pool!

Pros for the Wii Fit:
can do it at home anytime
variety of games
will have for more than a year (unless I break it)
half the price of a year gym membership
no lugging anything but my fat ass around

Cons for the Wii Fit:
no pool
no elliptical machine

It sounds like I am leaning towards the Wii Fit – I mean I have had Personal Trainer Walking for my DSi for about 6 months now and I am still carrying the pedometer with me. It is set for 7,000 steps a day, which for the most part I reach (maybe not so on Mondays). My digital me makes me want to walk more – sounds a little odd I know. Oh and did I tell you my sister has a pool so I can go visit her if I need to swim. It must just come down to motivation. I have to have it and have a lot of it …. But then I know myself and my will is not strong. Not today anyhow. What to do?

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