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It's my drill now!

In early 2000’s I had my mental work breakdown where I quit my job out of spite. I felt wild rebellious and free. The fun lasted only a few months when I realized my money was running out and I needed to get a job again. After 2 years of freelancing I landed a job with an old co-worker of mine. Rich was my boss for 3 years and trained me to someday replace him at the shop. The time came when Rich got a new job at a new company and left me. I was unhappy because even though I was ready to step up, the company didn’t think so and I was stuck in the worst place to work ever. Rich’s new company luckily had a spot for me and he brought me over. I was happy again. At the time I became a homeowner and well wanted to do some DIY projects. I had asked to borrow Rich’s Dewalt drill so I can hang some stuff in my apartment. Rich was kind enough to not only lend me a drill but give me the battery charger and some extra drill bits. I was delighted to make some holes in my newly painted walls.

Not long after I borrowed Rich’s drill did he end up going back to our previous company. No way in hell would I ever work at that place again. I kept his drill as a consolation prize for him leaving me twice and he will never see his drill again. I don’t feel bad about it either – he was the stupid one to give me the charger for it.

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