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What I am NOT looking for

Ok I use to have a ridiculously long list of deal breakers when it came to potential mates. I am older now and seems I have been building the “perfect man” in my head that I will never find him. I mean it is hard to find a Clive Own/Craig Ferguson/Javier Bardem/Cary Grant mix that isn’t already married or gay or both. Yes I know Cary Grant was gay but he still looked handsome in all those movies. I had narrowed my list to 5 things but even then my friends said I was being ridiculous. So I now have 3 and they are:



And I am not sure if there is a name for this but people who dress up in costume and role-play like civil war reenactments or jousting knights. (kinky role-playing might be fun but not this).

Really Smoking is my #1 deal breaker. That is just fucking nasty. Others on my list were kids (wanting them/having them), divorces, effeminate men, little people, bad tattoos, prisoners, felons, Irish people, drunks, white sneakers, drug addicts, high wasted dad jeans (with shirts tucked in), Devil’s fans, ponytails, all of NJ, small hands, bug collectors, people from the bible belt, guys that dress like Matrix/silent Bob with the full length trench coats, hoarders, men that still live with their parents, men that spend way too much time playing video games and men with cats (like more than 2 at a time – I know a guy with 6 right now and his apartment does not smell pretty). OK I think I can go on and on but some of these should just be givens anyway so it was easy to pair down the list. I asked my friends what were deal breakers for them and this is their response:


Fave Band: Dave Matthews Band

Can't be under 5"8, but there may be a small amount of flexibility on this - very small

Voted for Dubya 2004

This isn’t asking too much now is it?

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