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Voting theme post: Dear Person about to Vote
For Monday... maybe we should all write something along the lines of "Dear person about to vote". (from Rich)

So here is my voting eve musing from up here in Canuckistan where I (and all my friends and family) will be glued to the television, watching the results:

I want my head of government to protect me from the powerful.

I don't want a leader who attracts the type of zealots who would engage in treachery to win then cries conspiracy instead of condemning them.

I want my heads of gov't to be smarter and better-informed than I am. I could care less whether I could sit down for a cuppa coffee with them.

I want a leader who is impassioned by the concept of public service and has proven that in his career.

I want a leader who makes me think. Who encourages questioning.

I want my leader to think ahead, to use wisdom and restraint even when I want immediate gratification or revenge.

I want a leader who differentiates between wisdom and certainty. Who understands that sometimes changing your mind is proof that you have one.

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