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An election story
Kate told me a story from a woman on The Well who had been volunteering for the Kerry campaign to help people get to the polls. She drove a hundred miles to pick two people up (one was a prank) and finally collected an ancient woman from her home and drove her the long drive and waited in the even longer line to vote.

Turns out this woman had voted in the very first election when women were given the right to vote.They had a fascinating chat. They talked right up until she got to the head of the line when the woman asked: "Can you come help me and make sure I vote for Bush? My favourite television evangelist told me that he would be president during the rapture."

In the meantime, we have a lot of space up here, though it does get cold (and we are in the process of legalizing gay marriage, abortion rights are not in contention, we just appointed two progressive women to the supreme court, we are discussing decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana possesion and we find it creepy when our candidates mention God).

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