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4th Ponyversary
I am verklempt! My cup runneth over!
Thank you to everyone for all your lovely, lovely words.

If you do not regularly visit the happyrobot homepage, do so now, and you will read the sweetest words. Thank you to everyone! I am blushing from head to toe. Update: see the collected ponyversary posts here

"If you ever want to do something funny for happyrobot, let me know"

I have written this before, but rich started posting my emails online, then gave me acess to a submitter that let me do it myself. I think that this was my first/favourite entry.I am also marking my favourite entries in a category on the right called, for now, "me likey". ahem.

So four years ago:
1. I had never heard of the word blog
2. I was embarassed by the self-indulgent/exhibitionist implications of an online journal
3.My sister Jackie thought that having friends through the internet was weird and possibly dangerous.
4. I had just met Rich and Rachel for the first time in NYC
6. Only me, rich, lisa, and kristen were posting on happyrobot.
7. no one else I knew had a blog
8. I did not know that anyone actually read it.
9. I had never had my writing published.

four years later:
1. Bloggity blogness in the blogosphere
2. I am still a bit embarassed by the self-indulgence, but all the kids are doing it!
3. Jackie married one of my "internet friends" and now I have a brother-in-law AND a baby niece. Told you so!
4. Rich was witness at the wedding and each time I see him and his awesome wife Rachel, they get me a bit drunk (on fine scotch or champagne). I have also met or corresponded with at least dozen incredible people through pony.
5. see first point.
6. There is a mighty collective of great writers within happyrobot and without.
7. I not only know dozens of people who keep "blogs" but we take it for granted that we read each other's musings as departure points for face-to-face conversations.
8. It took me a few awkward moments to fully understand this, but the internet is really, really public, and as sprawling as it is, if you write about someone, they will find it. Beware!
9. I have never had my writing published.

Someone at work asked me if blogging is my "medium" which made me laugh. If i took it that seriously, i would have to contend with writers block and anxiety with every post. Also, I would probably proofread and edit.

But if i did not have pony, or happyrobot or the frickign blogosphere (cringe, cringe), I would feel an enormous loss. So whatever this public-private, selfish-community thing is all about, it makes me feel part of something a bit larger than myself, and part of a collective that is bigger than the sum of its parts. And for the four years of this, I am grateful.

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