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Vin Diesel knows where the beef is
I am morbidly and horribly addicted to Random Facts about Vin Diesel

Ever since I heard that he sends out his assistants to find the hot chicks at the club so he can party with them, I have had a revolted fascination with the hollywood star.

Now I can't stop hitting REFRESH! Thanks Chris R. Thanks a lot.

Some good ones:

Brittany Spears is pregnant with the second coming of Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel is the Lindbergh baby.

Vin Diesel dissolved the infamous Star Chamber court in 1641 because he disagreed with its use as a political weapon for bringing actions against opponents to the decrees and edicts of Henry VIII.

Vin Diesel isn't lactose intolerant, he just doesn't take lactose's shit.

On a job application, when asked if he was bilingual, Vin Diesel wrote, "No. I only like girls."

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