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Just nice, you know?
Julia opened her gallery this weekend. It is called Park Gallery and it is at Queen and Brookfield (2 blocks west of Ossington).
"Park is an open studio gallery. We want to foster an interactive, welcoming atmosphere for artists and art lovers. The artists that work there during the week will open the doors on weekends so the public can enjoy the new works and explore the inspiring environment.
In addition, we will have solo and group shows through the summer featuring guest artists."

Nice mandate.

Speaking of nice and welcoming atmospheres, Jane had her birthday Saturday night at Jack Layton and Olivia Chow's house. For those of you non-Torontonians, Jack is head of the federal NDP and Olivia, his wife, is a long time and beloved city councillor for our riding. Jane's friends gathered to honour her while Olivia ran around organizing food and Jack played some boogie-woogie on his electronic keyboard.

And I dunno, I just thought it was awfully lovely and nice. How many bosses - never mind the leader of a federal party - would open their home to sixty or so people to celebrate their employee's birthday, and then do all the work themselves?

Happy birthday Jane!

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