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Three Science Stories
From the school of self-evident studies: Apparently, they had to conduct a study to prove that more blacks get stopped by police. Next study aims to prove that women in short skirts get honked at more than ones in pants.

Sadly, while most adult males have debunked the idea that self-pleasure causes hairy palms and blindness, it looks like pharmaceutical impotence aids might be linked to incidents of vision loss.

And speaking of rough love, have you read about the Alpinus Cricket? Apparently this male is as prolific in his couplings as he is unselective.

"Anonconotus alpinus will sneak up on any passing female, clamping her violently with his sharp pincers. What is more, he is ready for action again after only seconds of rest."

In the cricket world at large, most species serenade their mate to ensure they are with the compatible type. The Alpinus, however, " will apparently leap on any unsuspecting cricket - male or female - without introduction..." (thanks Kat)

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