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Life is good
k'eyin harah. spit three times.
My family is in good health. The air is sweet saturated spring. My limbs and senses report dutifully back to my cerebral cortex. I have shelves of incredible books, some lovingly dogeared, some with spines barely cracked. There is a library on the corner. My fridge is fiiled with food. Who needs movies (thought there are many I can't wait to see) when everywhere there is always something interesting to watch, from the expanding group of retired chinese women doing thai chi in the park to the delirious dogs sniffing bums and chasing each other. I go to work and there are likeminded people there, most of whom get my humour. Who am I to plead broke when I could go to the bank today and stuff my wallet with twenties? Well maybe not that many twenties, but I have rent. And did I mention love? I get to sleep next to the person I love most in the world every night. My friends have huge brains full of ideas, jokes, compassion and insight. I am so lucky that sometimes I just can't get over it. ok?

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