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Guess Which Patio:
OK, here is the hint: Last night I ate a fabulous burrito at the new burrito stand and then went down the street with Richard and Kato to sit on a patio.

On the patio was: A customer with a bulldog named Lily. A waiter/owner with his new baby in a papoose named Rosie (nb:all the names formerly reserved for flappers and saloon entertainers have hit the mainstream in naming conventions).

I drank: a pint of maple-cranberry beer. Richard drank Blanche de Chambly.

Across the street: Crackheads and people just walking and shouting angrily into the air. Kato noted that Toronto is the city of ravers, and no, we don't mean kids who go to all-night dance parties (unless they have done too many drugs and require new pharmaceutical drugs to keep their extroverted demons at bay).

Last year: this place was new, but the patio had not been licensed.

So, where was I?

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