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Great news
Last night after dinner, Kiff and I decided to break in my new baseball glove (well not new, per se, but garage sale new) in the park beside our house.

There was a Mediterranean man sitting on a bench with suspenders, a half-grown-out dye job, and a book in his lap. He beckoned us over cheerfully.

"Don't worry about taxes or debt. In one month, Jesus is gonna be here and everyone will have their debt erased."

"Wow," I said. The second coming never sounded so good. But surely he was talking about figurative, "spiritual" debt.

"Like credit cards?" I asked.

"Yes!" he smiled, making a sweeping gesture skyward. "Jesus will come and erase our debt."

I looked at Kiff and he was smiling, trying to keep the laugh in:

"That's great news! I am *so* not paying my bills this week!"

Then we went and played ball. I mean we literally threw the ball back and forth.

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