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monkey cake: anniversary 3.0
For our third anniversary, kiff continued the monkeycake tradition and created a 3-layer (one layer for each year) banana cake with cream cheese icing. So good! It is kind of a monkey paradise, with coconuts AND bananas.

This is a painting kiff made. It is hard to see the depth, as the monkey is spray painted on the glass layer. It is a ghost-monkey riding a pony. I love this.

Three years and three anniversary monkey cakes later, I am still so lucky to have someone who makes me feel completely loved. Who is constantly creative and uses that creativity to think of ways to make me happy. Who lets me believe that mess does not accumulate (the only untruth I am willing to live with).

A monkey cake retrospective:
Birthday 32
anniversary 2.0
Birthday 31
Aniversary 1.0

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«« past   |   future »»

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