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hello robot people world of snowcraft

Runtime Error: My Very First Web-log!

 Wow!  My very first web-log.  I am terribly excited about this, but please forgive me as I am unfamiliar with the protocol.

My name is Chris and I am training for my first Boston marathon.

It's kind of funny how we got here. Moved to Boston in very early 1999 and the concept of the Boston Marathon was foreign to me.  As was any kind of personal athletic activity other than the occasional recreational mountain bike ride around the city streets of Cambridge, MA.  I spent most of my High School years on bike, but traded it in for a dozen years of party snacks and selling my time and expertise to various local not-for-profit organizations.

That first year I was unemployed and my roomate at the time didn't get the Patriot's Day, Marathon Monday off from work (they hated freedom) so she called in sick and we dressed her up in a disguise (4 srious) and headed down to Boylston Street to catch the race.

It's safe to say that instantly, we were hooked.

Since then, roomate became wife, we both hold jobs that give us that sacred day in April off and I believe we've missed only 1 (one) marathon Monday as spectators in the past 12 (twelve) years.  We've often called it "the best day of the year in Boston" and matured from using it as an excuse to party, outdoors, all day, on the first nicest day of the year, to gaining a deep respect for the sport itself, the history, and especially the elite athletes who finish half an hour . . . or four hours ahead of the rest of the field.

In 2009 my best friend in the whole world, "double-K", ran the marathon.  It was the first human that i knew from real life that ran it.  I was in awe.  That spring I was so inspired by her, I joined the gym and started the couch-to-5k program.

3 (three) years, and a couple half-marathons, later and I am now in the midst of week 4 (four) of training for my first Boston Marathon.

In order to officially run in the 2012 Boston Marathon, I am raising money for an incredible organization, AccesSportAmerica.

The mission of AccesSportAmerica is to adapt sports that the most agile of athletetes find challenging and bring these sports to children and adults with disabilities. To know that my "hobby" of running can be used to help FUNd and bring awareness to this very important cause gives me even more strength and motivation to train to the best of my ability . . .even through the cold and snow of a Boston winter.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so here:  http://www.crowdrise.com/crosol

I'll be giving you plenty of opportunities  ;)

Okay, off to bed. Today was 6 miles on the treadmill at mid-tempo pace.  Not too much of a problem  .. . but I have my first ever 20 miler this weekend.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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hello robot people world of snowcraft

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