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World of Snowcraft


My training for this weekend calls for my first ever 20 mile run.  I typically try to time my weekend long runs for Saturday so if something comes up or I am not feeling it I can postpone to Sunday.

The first snow of the winter has put me off till tomorrow.

This morning I had to drive Casper to the vet for his normal checkup and there were quite a few runners out on the streets.  I was jealous and I know for certain they were judging me. Though most of them were wearing long-pants or tights instead of shorts.  They are obviously not very committed.

I am really looking forward to getting out tomorrow (30 degrees and the path around the Charles will likely be plowed) as I am on a 3rd non-runing day in a row right now.  My training schedule has me running 3 days a week (I'll reveal the program in a future post) with 2 days of cross training and 2 days of rest. I put in an hour on the stationary bike trainer Thursday evening but right now I feel a bit like a spring about to pop.

So I spent some of the afternoon running around Skyrim as opposed to running around Cambridge.  I think there is more snow in Skyrim than there is here.

I'm so hardcore.

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